Urethane acrylates

Urethane Acrylates

Productized by urethenation of isocyanate compounds, polyol compounds, and hydroxyl group-containing acrylic monomers. Have features such as toughness, extensibility, and high hardness, and are widely used in hard coats, adhesives, pressure-sensitive adhesives, etc.

About urethane acrylates

Epoxy (meth)acrylates

We have productized esters of (meth)acrylic acid and epoxy compounds.
Due to its superiority in weather resistance, chemical resistance, and bending resistance, it is widely used in painting, electricity, adhesives, composite materials, various coating materials, etc.
R=H Epoxy acrylates
R=CH3 Epoxy (meth)acrylates

Urethane (meth)acrylate design

Curing properties

Urethane (meth)acrylate property value

Pruduct name Aalcohol Isocyanate Viscosity (25 degree, mPa-s)
*Typical value
Number of functional groups Chemical Substances Control Law Characteristics
KUA-4I Bifunctional acrylic IPDI 20,000 4 7-841 Hardness
KUA-6I Trifunctional acrylic IPDI 20,000 6 7-841 Hardness
KUA-9N Trifunctional acrylic
450,000 9 7-841 High hardness
KUA-10H Pentafunctional acrylic HDI 30,000 10 7-841 High hardness
KUA-15N Pentafunctional acrylic
45,000 @40℃ 15 7-841 High hardness
KUA-C2I Caprolactone +
Monofunctional acrylic
IPDI 1,500
Toluene 30% dilution
2 7-843 Water resistance
KUA-PC2I Polycarbonate +
Monofunctional acrylic
IPDI 5,000
Toluene 30% dilution
2 7-843 Water resistance
KUA-PEA2I Polyether +
Monofunctional acrylic
IPDI 3,000,000 2 7-843 Flexibility
KUA-PEB2I Polyether +
Monofunctional acrylic
IPDI 150,000 2 7-843 Flexibility
KUA-PEC2I Polyether +
Monofunctional acrylic
IPDI 500,000 2 7-843 Flexibility

In addition to the products listed above, we will also consider other options to meet your needs.
-rubber elasticity, -water system, -adhesiveness, -fluorine-containing
-refractive index control, -molecular weight change, -change the number of functional groups

*Includes urethane acrylates already registered as cosmetics

Tin-free urethane acrylate (KUA-9NTF)

A urethane acrylate oligomer produced without using a tin catalyst.


  • No tin compound is added.
  • Like general-purpose urethane acrylate (KUA-9N), can be used as a hard coating agent.

Resin type

Item (Unit) Measurement method/conditions KUA-9N (general-purpose product) KUA-9NTF
Appearance Visual inspection colorless to pale yellow transparent
viscous liquid
pale yellow transparent liquid
viscous liquid
Viscosity (mPa-s)
*Typical value
E-type viscometer/25 degree 450,000 500,000

Coating property

Photoinitiator: the solid content ratio 5wt% of Irgacure 184 added
Base material: Single-sided easy-adhesion treatment 100 μm PET film (Toyo Spinning Co., Ltd. Cosmo Shine A4100)
Film thickness: 6 μm
UV integrated light intensity: 500mJ/cm2

Item (Unit) Measurement method/conditions KUA-9N (general-purpose product) KUA-9NTF
Haze (%) JIS K 7105 <1 <1
Curl Coating filp warp/10cm angle on PET slightly slightly
Adhesion(x/100) JIS K 5600-5-6 100 100
Pencil hardness JIS K 5600-5-4/750g load 3H 3H
Dcratch resistance (%) ΔH/SW#0000 1000gw 10 back‐and‐forth motion 0.4 0.3