Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

About the acquisition of personal information

Our company may collect personal information to the extent necessary in the following cases.
Services that customers voluntarily and voluntarily use, such as
-Iinquiries and applications for employment information to our company.
-inquiries to our company.
-request for sample to our company.

About the disclosure of personal information to a third party

As a general rule, we do not disclose users' personal information you provide to a third party.

  • When it is necessary for the protection of human life, body, or property, and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the user When it is necessary to cooperate with a national agency, a local government, or a person or organization entrusted by one in executing affairs prescribed by laws and regulations, and obtaining the consent of the user may interfere with the execution of such affairs. When there is a risk that obtaining the user's consent will interfere with the execution of the relevant duties When other laws and regulations require the Company to disclose or provide the information
  • When the Company transfers all or part of its business to a third party or spins off the business to a third party or spun-off company that has received a business transfer from the Company.
  • Information that cannot be used to identify the user or other information that the Company reasonably deems necessary to provide services to the user.

About the changes and Notification

Our Company reserves the right to change the content of this "Privacy Policy" without prior notice.
We will not notify users of such changes, so please refer to the latest information on this page when using this site.