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Changing now with chemistry and the future.


We will help you develop high-performance resin that meet your needs.

We are developing various high-performance resin such as adhesive, pressure sensitive adhesive, and coating materials.

Jointly with customers in a wide range of fields such as electronic materials, displays, semiconductors, and automobile industry.
We will create highly original in-house products.
We assist our users in manufacturing by providing them with the necessary equipment and manufacturing conditions, to be a contract manufacturing base for chemical products needed by our customers.

 Business contents 

KSM Co., Ltd. is an advanced technology group, mainly develop UV/EB curable resin. 
Also, we are developing hard coats, electronic materials, water-based resin, and precision adhesive.

Product Line

・Epoxy acrylate
・Urethane acrylate
・Others (reactive polymer
/ photoinitiator built-in UV curable resin (PIUVO), etc.)

Contract manufacturing

We could manufacture customer's development or product to adapt our manufacturing facilities.
Additionally, we could be productization customer's development and more scale-up.

Research and Development

Based on our core technologies, we promote new technology and product development while combining multiple technologies. We aim to develop new technologies together with users in line with market needs.



Please feel free to contact us for any inquiries.

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