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Contract manufacturing

Equipment list

KSM has a small scale 50L reaction vessel. We provide a wide range of support, from small-scale production at the initial stage of development to mass production in a 1200L reactor.


Analytical equipment list

We guarantee the quality of our customers' products using the analysis technology that we have experienced for resin products. We can also consider introducing and expanding equipment upon request.


Filling and subdivision

・By setting up a clean booth, filling can be done in an environment where foreign substances are controlled.
・Equipped with yellow light, capable of filling and subdividing UV curing resin.
・Various cartridge filters available.
・Available for small scale production of several grams. (cosmetics manufacturing industry license and cosmetics sales license already obtained)

Clean booth

Clean booth


Small quantity filling device

filling container

filling container



Please feel free to contact us for any inquiries.

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